Augmented reality
in museums

Revolutionizing the interaction between the visitor and the artefacts.

ARIM was one of the main projects of XTEND and has been successfully completed. The projects ARIM01, ARIM02 and ARIM03 were in close cooperation with the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo to use Augmented Reality to fill the gap between the visitors and the artefacts with interactive stories and visualisations.

new interactive ways

ARIM allows the Museum of Cultural History to test and evaluate the use of new interactive ways for the visitors to experience artefacts in the new Viking Age Museum.
Integrating Augmented Reality technology to a mobile device, either phone or tablet, Project ARIM offers a new perception when exploring museums. The possibility to add a layer within the experience of visiting a museum will improve the educational moments and it become fun and interactive too. The enrichment of sensory perception using video, graphic and text elements has found a home within museums.

Huibert de Jong
Projectleader Interactive Communication and Technology

97% of children are very positive about AR

The University of Oslo did an usertest with children and it turns out that 97% of the interviewed children are very positive about our AR applications for the Viking Ship Museum and no less than 89% thinks that augmented reality is fun (gøy) and that they learned much because of AR.

This is great news and it is clear that children accept Augmented Reality quickly and without any problem. This is very good for us because those who have the youth on their side, owns the future!

Our targets

new forms

To find the most effective way to introduce new forms of interactive communication and to test new technology to be used in the new Viking Age Museum.


To develop an AR-system that improve the experience and knowledge of the Viking history as illustrated in the textile fragments and other objects from the Viking Age.


To research the experiences with this new technology and to advice how to improve this experience. Of course it is also important to have the applications tested in the future by visitors.


To publish a website with an overview of all experience gained which will lead to a better understanding of the new possibilities of interactive communication and the integration of these new technologies in museums.


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