Old meets new

The most important challenge for ARIM01 is to use the "Bildeteppene fra Oseberg" as the first main image target. This object is in a vitrine behind glass and is very sensitive for light so it is not possible to use any form of supported light.

We tested different systems (Vuforia, ARToolKit, EasyAR, etc) to find the best way to scan an object in difficult light conditions and behind glass what also creates light reflections. We also tested different tablets for our application (like the Huawei T3 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3).

ARIM01 is finished in September 2018. There is a demo tablet for the staff of the Museum of Cultural History with the app installed for testing purposes.

New Interactive Ways

ARIM01 allows the MCH to use Augmented Reality to fill the gap between the visitors and the artefacts with interactive stories and visualisations.

The ARIM01 application was developed for an Android tablet, but we also successfully tested it on Android phones. The structure of ARIM01 is also a good framework to develop for use on an IPhone and/or IPad.

Good result
There are several solutions to use image targets in difficult conditions. We found the most effective solutions in the area of soft- and hardware. The application recognizes the image target from different distances and this is a very good result given the difficult circumstances.

structure ARIM01


Buttons navigation


When you click you will see the interpretation made by Mary Storm in 1942. This is a PNG-file


Here you will get more information about the "Bildeteppene". This is a MP4-video.


When you click you will see a 3D-object. It will be possible to turn the object around its axis.


This is a quiz with 3 questions (multiple choice). You'll see if the answer is good or not.

Use of content

The content and design used in ARIM01 is for test purposes only. The design (interface) is generic as there is no design guide for the new museum at the moment. The content is limited and developed to a level where it can be used as test for the projectgroup working with the new museum, and possible some controlled testing with visitors. The content is limited to work with the chosen object “Billedteppene - fragment 1-2”.

Video of ARIM01.

Here you can see a video of the ARIM01 AR experience. ARIM01 recognized the “Bildeteppene” (but only the “Bildeteppene” and always responded! It does not respond to other objects. ;-). This is a great success! Soft- and hardware are perfectly streamlined.

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