Viking Journeys

Location-based solutions

The third group and last objects are the Viking Journeys map, info and icons. These are located outside and behind glass with mirrored reflection. The target group are children between 11 and 13 years. ARIM03 is finished in June 2019.


ARIM03 allows the visitors to chose between different languages. 

Clickable map

It will be possible to tap a location on the map for additional information.

Recognition of icons

ARIM03 recognizes the icons outside the museum and shows the info.

Recommendations and user-test

A part of ARIM03 is that XTEND will make recommendations for the new Viking age museum.
In September we will also publish the results of the usertest with the target group: children between 11 and 13 years.

Use of content

The content and design used in ARIM03 is for test purposes only. The design (interface) is generic as there is no design guide for the new museum at the moment. The content is limited and developed to a level where it can be used as test for the projectgroup working with the new museum, and possible some controlled testing with visitors. The content is limited to work with the chosen objects.

Video of ARIM03

Here you can see a video of the ARIM03 AR experience. ARIM03 recognized the map, highlights and icons and always responded! It does not respond to other objects. ;-). This is a great achievement.

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